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LG reveals a new design language for their next phone.

LG has had a long struggle to find a market for its ailing smartphone business but a new streamlined design language that could help turn things around for the benefit of the company.
While the craze for all-screen smartphones has advanced the industry in almost every way, handset design has become increasingly dormant with almost all new flagships having the same look and feel in their hands.
Over the past couple years LG flagship phones have all looked extremely similar to each other: the G7, the V40, the G8, the V50, the G8X, or the V60 from a lineup unless you have a photographic memory for their number of cameras. In full spirit to be the best among many companies, LG appears to be changing things up for an upcoming device; however, which it says will use an altogether new design language.
LG explains their new minimalistic design language as a nod to the natural world with a visual form factor which differs from the trend. The feature of A “raindrop” camera comes with smaller lenses and an LED flash below the larger primary camera, evoking dripping water; LG notes this is in opposition to current trends for big camera bumps.
Apart from this, LG also mentions about its new “3D Arc Design” feature for a more natural feeling in the hand that involves symmetrical curves on display and the back of the phone. It is not much clear, but yes there is something new about this new LG phone.
There is not much information available about the phone, but it sounds like LG would extend this language of design to its entire range.
VP Cha Yong-duk said in a statement that “Our upcoming smartphone will draw on the rich history of classic LG designs which have always been distinctive at first touch.”
Although these improvements may be new for an LG handset, some competitors have already excelled in the designs and features and are unlikely to see it as much of a challenge.
LG needs to gear up and be on their toes as tough competition is there now. A flagship experience and such valuable technological features that doesn’t get into four figures in order to stay in the competition.

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