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LG might unviel ‘V40’ with five cameras this summer/fall

LG might unviel 'V40' with five cameras this summer/fall

According to some sources, LG is working on the upcoming LG V40 and the smartphone giant will squeeze five cameras on a single phone. V40 will follow Huawei P20 Pro’s footsteps by introducing a triple-camera system for its smartphone but what’s difference with V40 is that it will sport a dual camera setup on the front too, that’s five cameras on a single smartphone. Although smartphones with triple-camera (rear) or dual-camera setup (front) aren’t new, what’s new is having five cameras together forming a five-camera system which will give LG an edge over other smartphone manufacturers.

Although these are rumors and yet, there is no official statement from LG, it is quite possible that such five-camera configuration will be available where the rear triple-camera setup will focus providing in-depth or zoom effects while the dual-camera setup at the front will be used for facial recognition and augmented reality among other purposes. Last year, LG unveiled LG V30 which resembles the previously released G6, the upcoming V40 might look like G7 ThinQ.

As per the specifications are concerned, there are speculations that LG V40 will host a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and will have notched display which has become one of the most adoring and must-needed feature in the premium smartphone segment. The device will have dedicated button for Google Assistant along with rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. The smartphone is speculated to be announced and launched later in summer or fall but till then, users will have to wait and stay tuned on Tecake to find out more.

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