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Lexus LS may once again get a V8 engine

The Lexus LS is a handsome set of wheels that exhibits the idea of flawless luxury along with severe potency. One of the most noteworthy design elements of the Lexus LS is the huge spindle grille that proudly sits as an ornament on this executive sedan an is a proud part of the front fascia. 

However, what sits behind this beautiful grille is really not something that sends for our pulses to pulsate. While all the previous generations of the Lexus LS used to derive their ponies via a V8 engine, the outgoing model, which represents the sedan’s fifth generation and was launched 3 years ago, brought some major disappointment along with it. 

The news that the fifth generation of the Lexus LS does not get a V8 engine under its long and aggressive hood was something that really disappointed the patrons of Toyota’s luxe division. All the previous 4 generations of the LS, which came before the outgoing model were front-heavy with 8-cylinders doing the task of fabricating ponies under that hood, and fans didn’t really accept the decision of going with a 6-pot instead. 

However, Lexus heard these complaints and according to speculations is indeed working on gaining back the loyalty of the V8 patrons. According to a Japanese publication, Lexus is planning a V8 comeback on its LS models. 

In case of considering this news true, Lexus will present a V8-controlled LS with the mid-cycle update of this sedan. The LS represents one of the top-selling luxury sedans in the Lexus lineup, with prices starting from $75,450.  The Lexus LS is scheduled to get a mid-cycle update very soon, perhaps in 2021. 

The speculated upcoming powertrain for the Lexus LS, though is not just a regular V8. Rumors have it that the 8-cylinder engine will derive benefits of electrification. Simply put, there are soft-rumors that the upcoming powertrain of the LS will most probably be a hybrid V8, likely set to resuscitate the LS 600h moniker which was originally utilized in 2007.

The Japanese publication is also in possession of a spy shot of an LS facelift model with disguise at the front concealing an updated guard and tweaks to the headlights. The 2021 Lexus LS along with these major changes, may potentially also get some minor changes inside the lodge.

The currently outgoing model of the Lexus LS, houses a 3.5L twin-turbocharged V6 engine that is good for 416 ponies and 442 lb.-ft. of torque. With the advent of a hybrid V8 powertrain, we definitely can expect the upcoming Lexus LS to be higher on performance than the current model.

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