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Leonardo DiCaprio’s rejection for the movie American Psycho made the fans go curious

American Psycho is the most successful satirical psychological horror film which was released in 2000. The most successful Hollywood actor Christian Bale played the role of Patrick Batemen in this film, and also received immense admiration for his outstanding performance from the fans and the audiences. But, many might not be aware of, that this famous Academy Award-winner Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio was approached to play the lead character of Christian Bale in horror film American Psycho, but the actor denied to play this role.

There is a report which suggests that the production companies Edward R. Pressman Productions and Muse Productions of American Psycho were not satisfied with that Christian Bale playing the role of Patrick Batemen in this film, they even suggested for replacement of Bale’s character with Edward Norton, but the executives of this American Psycho Directed by Mary Harron approached to Leonardo DiCaprio with the script, and they also offered $20 million to play this role.

And to the maker’s surprise, DiCaprio was interested in the role; Previously also Bale lost the role of Titanic to DiCaprio. But, American Psycho’s director Mary Harron, considered Leonardo DiCaprio to be the wrong pick. She felt that he was a little too boyish to play an insane investment banker and also that his idol image could attract the wrong sort of audience in the movie.

Harron said that Lionsgate (distributor of films) wanted her out as soon as she didn’t want to accept her role. Leo created his own list of directors, which Martin Scorsese claimed to be, but Oliver Stone had been added to the Harron job group.
James Woods would have been starring Oliver Stone’s American Psycho version as Donald Kimball (which was originally played by William Dafoe) and Cameron Diaz as Evelyn Williams (originally played by Reese Witherspoon).

However, By the end, Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as Oliver Stone, quit the project, and Mary Harron and Christian Bale returned to their positions. The explanation remains a mystery, but the female figure Gloria Steinem could have played an enormous role in it.
The satirical psychological horror film is inspired by the novel of Bret Easton Ellis of, which has the same name as the movie.

According to the report, initially, this novel was considered offensive towards women by an American feminist and social-political activist, Gloria Steinem. And she also protested against the film. According to a report, the co-writer of the film, Guinevere Turner, also stated that Steinem might disrupt the involvement of the Revenant stars personally. And Turner also blamed Gloria Steinem for leaving this horror movie by Leonardo DiCaprio.

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