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Legend of Zelda game, What make Breath of Wild so good?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild released in the year 2017 is an action-adventure game. This game was developed by Nintendo and the game is a part of the legend of the Zelda franchise. This is mostly the end of the Zelda timeline. The player needs to defeat calamity Ganon in order to save kingdom of Hyrule. It is available in a single-player mode. The original series of Legend of Zelda came in 1986. Breath of the wild received lots of appreciation and became one of the greatest video games. The attention in detail and the open ended gameplay attracted more acclaim to the game.

What are the unique features of the game?

Breath of the wild game is set in an open world and is an action-adventure game. The players of the game are given task to explore the kingdom of Hyrule controlling the link. It gives the players a chance to find various solutions to a problem rather than approaching to a single solution. This is possible because of the consistent physics engine introduced to the Zelda series. It also has a chemistry engine which facilitates the players to change the dynamics of the weather. The player may start a lightning strike by throwing metal objects to the thunderstorm. This helps in defeating the enemy much better.

As far as link is concerned, players can do various actions such as running, climbing, swimming, gliding with a paraglider. In this series, the weapons and shields will deplete with time. The players can cook food buy gathering raw materials. They can cook combinations to provide link with bonus energy and strength. Players need to challenge themselves to grab the bonus benefits.

Where to get the Zelda game and how to get its subscription?

The players can access the game Zelda in Nintendo switch. It is available in Nintendo platform and also in Wii U. The size of the game is 14.4 GB. The supported languages are Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Russian. It can be played in three modes. This game supports TV mode, Tabletop mode and handheld mode. You can get its subscription through the Nintendo Switch online membership. The players who want to buy the game can get it in the Nintendo switch itself. The price of Breath of the wild is $59.99. It is also available in online platform Amazon.

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Reviews, awards and many more

After its release in the year 2017,  the Legend of Zelda, breath of the wild won many awards and accolades from various platforms. It became one of the highest selling video game. It also is in the top of the best video games list. In 2018, it won the Game of the year award. Critics marked it as the best video game of the decade. By the year 2020, in switch platform the total sales reached 18.60 million. In Wii U it sold some 1.67 million copies of it. Breath of the wild broke many records in the field of sales in multiple regions.

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