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Legend Kobe Bryant/ Black Mamba’s tattoos and it’s hidden meanings

Kobe Bryant aka Black Mamba, popularly known as the Los Angeles Lakers legend, unfortunately, along with his daughter Gianna and a few people left the world on 26th of January 2020, due to an unpleasant helicopter crash in California. 

Here are the hidden meanings behind each Kobe’s inks

Right arm tattoo:

It is a tattoo of butterflies or a crown. The crown is generally considered to be symbolic of a king. Here the crown is made up of butterflies/ or butterflies’ wings, and he dedicated this tattoo to his wife, Vanessa Bryant. 

Meaning hidden behind the butterfly crown: 

It is a symbol of respect, emotions, feelings, power, authority, and connections.

Reason for this ink: 

In 2003, Kobe inked the butterfly crown on his right arm to honor Vanessa Byrant, as she is the only person who stood with Bryant both in happy and hard phases. 

Right arm tattoo: 

Below the butterfly crown, Kobe tattooed angel wings with Vanessa’s name above it too. 

The tattoo consists of angel wings as well nimbus. 

Kobe dedicated his whole right arm tattoos to his beloved wife, Vanessa Bryant.

Hidden meaning behind the angel tattoo: 

It represents blessings, divine powers, support, guidance, spiritual protection, and divine love.

Reason for this tattoo: 

In 2003, an unknown woman accused Kobe of sexual assault, but he claimed it was consensual. Later in 2004, Kobe’s accuser declined to testify against him in court. Subsequently, Kobe expressed how much pain his wife had to endure. So in honor of being blessed with a beautiful wife, he inked one more tattoo in honor of Vanessa Bryant. 

Right arm last tattoo:

Just below the angel tattoo, he also inked Psalm XXVII. 

Hidden meaning behind the tattoo: Psalm XXVII: “Hide not thy face far from me; put not thy servant away in anger: thou hast been my help; leave me not, neither forsake me, O God of my salvation. When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up. Teach me thy way, O Lord, and lead me in a plain path, because of my enemies.”

This psalm intrigued Kobe and it’s meaning is you will see that David never asks for trouble to arrive at his enemies. That was never David’s goal. His purpose was for God to send light to his own life.


Reason for this ink: Kobe inked this particular part to express his religious faith and his belief in good things. 

Left-arm tattoo: 

Kobe Bryant contributed his entire left arm to his children. He inked the names of his every kid, starting from Natalie Diamante Bryant, Gianna Maria Onore Bryant, Bianka Bella Bryant. 


Reason for this ink work: Initially Kobe got the tattoo of only Natalia and Gianna, after the birth of Bianka in 2017, he added her name too to the list. He mentioned in an interview, that he was going to add the name of his fourth daughter in 2020, but sadly he left us in tears. 

It was noted that Kobe Bryant loved his children unconditionally. 


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