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Latest update on Black Summer Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot

An American drama web television series, Black Summer, is an original Netflix series, which was created by Karl Schaefer and John Hyams. Black Summer is a prequel to one of the most popular zombie series, which thrilled its fans by its fascinating performance. The Black Summer’s actions take place in the same universe as the Z Nation and have a close connection to the Zombie Nation. 

The story goes way back before the events of the Z nation, which were the darkest days of the Zombie apocalypse. The plot of the story is about a mother who comes across a group of strangers, who help this mother to find her daughter and the family.

Netflix released the first season of this fascinating zombie series, Black Summer, on April 11, 2019, which was produced by The Asylum, the same production company behind Z Nation.

The first season of this original Netflix series has eight episodes that where the writer and director of the series is Hyams accompanied by Adams Cox writing and directing additional episodes.

Will Black Summer season 2 come into existence?

Although the Black Summer exhibition has some connection to the Zombie Nation, though the timeline of the Syfy show is different. Unfortunately, the zombie nation is still canceled, and it seems to remain so.

And we all know how Netflix is when its shows are revived. It takes approximately two months before anything is revealed, as they did not reveal anything until October 2019.

Expected release date of Black Summer season 2 

In November 2019, It was revealed by the Netflix that they would release the Black Summer 2 on Netflix soon. Since it was already announced about the launch of Black Summer, fans have been waiting for its release with high anticipation, but, at present, there is not any official confirmation regarding the release date of the upcoming season. However, up to that point, we look for new information on the internet.


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