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Larry Jordan: The person behind the success of Michael Jordan

The documentary of Michael Jordan’s NBA journey titled, ‘The Last Dance’ which featured the tenure of Jordan with Chicago Bulls, and also gave an insight into his personal and professional life. It shows the viewers the life of Jordan after dominating the Chicago Bulls. The documentary series is produced by ESPN Sports, and also by Netflix. ‘The Last Dance’ features interviews from celebrities and other personalities including, Barack Obama, Magic Johnson, and Jordan’s mother. It gave an interesting look into the personal life of Jordan, and viewers got to know that besides his father, Michael has a huge respect for his eldest brother, Larry Jordan who has been his support system and mentor throughout his NBA Journey. Michael Jordan has four siblings, namely Ronnie, Deloris, Larry, Michael, and Roslyn. Larry is 11 months older than Michael, and they grew up playing basketball in their backyard every evening. Larry played for North Carolina, but didn’t make it to the professional basketball.

Jordan Brothers

In the opening episode of The Last Dance, Jordan talk about his elder brother, Larry who helped him develop and maintain a ‘winning mentality’ in his younger days which certainly helped him in his tenure with Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan said that he’d not have been here if it wasn’t for his elder brother, Larry. He always felt he is fighting with Larry just for his father’s attention. He even mentioned that he is wanted to emulate Larry, and he ended up taking Jersey number 23 at North Carolina while Larry had Jersey number 45.

During an interview with ESPN, Larry Jordan praised his little brother, Michael Jordan and said that the level of Michael was beyond other players in the team, and it has always been asked  if he’s bothered by his brother’s success and honestly he’s happy that he has got the opportunity to see his brother grow and get recognition and success that he definitely deserves.

If you’ve not watched the docuseries of Michael Jordan’s exceptionally amazing NBA journey with the Chicago Bulls then you should definitely. It’s not too late to start a new docu-series! ‘The Last Dance’ is available to stream on Netflix only.

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