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Land Rover launches plug-in hybrid variants of Range Rover Evoque and Discovery Sport

A green revolution is the need of the hour across the globe. Yes, we get it that you have been bombarded with news about how the environment is healing itself, in the absence of us human beings, but we as humans, are bound to get back to deteriorating it as soon as we get back to our normal schedule. 

Hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars have been in trend for quite a while now, with almost every automaker around the world looking for alternative power options, sparing the limited reserve of fossil fuels. The latest brand to hop on to this bandwagon is Land Rover. 

Land Rover has concocted the new plug-in hybrid version of its top-selling models, the Discovery and Evoque. The expanding fanbase of the Discovery Sport and Evoque among SUV aficionados signaled the British automaker to go ahead with the idea of electrification and bring a change towards hybrid alternatives. These recently launched plug-in hybrid variants of the Discovery and the Evoque are garnished with the most advanced features and highlights, along with top of the line hybrid powertrains. The Discovery Sport PHEV and Evoque PHEV get an all-electric range of more than 41 miles, which proves that the vehicle can be utilized for everyday drives in a solitary charge. When employed in the hybrid model, the range is additionally enhanced, thus making these SUVs useful and capable of traveling significant distances.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport PHEV and the Land Rover Evoque PHEV come stacked with a three-chamber 1.5 Liter Ingenium gas motor, that belts out 200PS. This powertrain panel is clubbed with a highly-responsive eight-speed automatic transmission framework, that executes the upshifts and downshifts ultra smoothly. The hybrid adaptation also includes an electric motor that churns out 109PS and drives the rear axle of these SUVs. The incorporation of this motor helps in improving the mileage figures of these SUVs while keeping the performance factor intact. The power produced by this setup is routed to All the wheels, as these SUVs get the Land Rover’s popular AWD setup. 

The advent of plug-in hybrid variants of these Land Rover SUVs, while providing for an enthralling performance, also accounts for a great savings deal. The purchasers of these SUVs can get a hefty rebate in terms of the vehicles’ procurement cost as the government is giving tax cuts for hybrid vehicle purchasers. Likewise, the electric engine also helps in cutting down fuel utilization to a noteworthy degree. With an estimated MPG figure of around 201.8 MPG, these electrified Land Rover offerings are definitely bang for buck deals.

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