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Lamborghini to reveal a new model on 7th May

Lamborghini hasn’t rolled out a vehicle of its Sant’Agata Bolognese plant since March 13 in the wake of pausing production tasks due to the coronavirus pandemic hitting Italy.

The automaker’s initial arrangement was to once again begin with the production procedures on March 25, yet the break was drawn out by over a month as manufacturing won’t restart until May 4. The company made this statement through a press release. However, there was a more intriguing statement at the end of this interview.

The supercar producer said on Thursday it intends to uncover another vehicle on May 7, only three days after it once again authoritatively gets back to production at its plant in Sant’Agata Bolognese. The organization though kept quite close-lipped regarding what’s in store and what kind of vehicle will be unraveled and just said the upcoming vehicle will “complete our model range.”

Despite the fact that the legendary Lamborghini Aventador has been around for near 10 years now, its substitution isn’t supposed to come into existence at any point in the near future. Though the company had plans to bring out a new car by 2024, but this statement has raised quite some suspense. With absolutely no spy shots, not even a single pic of a camouflaged Lambo hitting the internet, we don’t really think that the company will be rolling out the Aventador’s replacement on seventh May.

In any case, a rumor that has been doing rounds is that Lamborghini has another V12-controlled supercar underway. In truth, the last rumors about this new Lambo was that the vehicle was intended for an introduction this mid-year, which in fact doesn’t begin until the late June or starting July.

With respect to getting back to production, Lamborghini’s CEO Stefano Domenicali said there will be “strict conventions” set up to ensure the safety of laborers inside the manufacturing plant. He included Lamborghini worked through strategies with the local association and plans to follow all rules and regulations given by the Italian government.

Though there are no words upon this upcoming launch from Lamborghini, yet we guess what we may be catered with can be a new version based on the currently outgoing Huracan, Aventador, or Urus models.

Whatever, the case, we actually do not really have any other alternative than just being patient and wait for 7th of May, when Lambo comes out banging drums with it’s alleged fresh launch.

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