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Lady Gaga, with her new album Chromatica to, tells us about the past relationships she dealt with

The most popular pop star Lady Gaga gave an update regarding her new upcoming music album, ‘Chromatica’, in an interview. A few days back, the 34-year-old singer announced the delay in the release of her upcoming music album Chromatica. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, Chromatica’s release postponed from April 10 to May 29. But now, Lady Gaga teased her fans with the latest update of her new album.

In a recent interview, Lady Gaga disclosed that her upcoming album ‘Chromatica’ would be based on her failed relationships from the past.

Apart from that, our favorite also opened up that the inspiration behind her new album, Chromatica’ were her agonizing break-ups in the past, and she also explained that new album would help others too who are facing the same.

Reportedly, Lady Gaga’s new music album Chromatica was initially scheduled to release on April 10, and now it will be out on May 29. We witnessed in a teaser for her upcoming Beats 1 interview with Zane Lowe a transformation of her memories, which lead to music in the form of healing medicine.

Upon being questioned by Zane what got her back to the studio, she promptly replied The Sound, The music, and being herself got her back. She exclaimed how she could take something that is so painful for her and find that one piece that’s universally humane and helps somebody else. That is how this album will sound like.

When she was discussing her upcoming album Chromatica, she loudly read the wonderful lyrics to her new song titled “Free Woman’, “I’m nothing without a steady hand I’m nothing unless I know I can. I’m still something if I don’t get a man, I’m a free woman.”

Despite her relationship status, the fantastic lyrics tells us the story of a woman who finds empowerment and shows how strong she is. “Always Remember Us This Way” singer further added that she is making a dance record again, and the dance floor is all hers, and she has earned it totally. She expresses her inner emotions that the past relationships of what she has gone through. She says that she does not want to be there in it and suffer life long. So she z taking a step ahead and moving on in life.

The pop star Lady Gaga parted the ways with the actor Taylor Kinney and also ended the engagement with the talent agent Christian Carino. There is a report that suggests Lady Gaga is dating with the Parker Group CEO, Michael Polansky.

Famous and gorgeous singer Ariana Grande and talented Elton John are all set to collaborate in a few songs with Gaga for her new album Chromatica. Besides that, the hot Blackpink will also collaborate with Gaga in her latest album.

There is a list of songs of Chromatica, which was shared by the sizzling Lady Gaga that includes Plastic Doll, Alice, Rain On Me, Free Woman, Fun Tonight, 911, Enigma, and Stupid Love.

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