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Lady Gaga Postpones ‘Chromatica’ Listening Party post the tragic death of George Floyd

A recent report has confirmed that Lady Gaga launched her highly anticipated Chromatica album on Friday, May 29, and the pop star was scheduled to host a listening session for her Little Monsters. But after the tragic death of George Floyd led to protests demanding justice across the nation, there are reports that Gaga has postponed the event.

In order to share the news with the fans, Gaga took the concern to Twitter and in one of the posts over the social media platform wrote:

“As much as I want to listen to Chromatica together as a global group of kindness punks right now, our kindness is needed for the world today,” Gaga tweeted on Friday. “I’m going to postpone our listening session right now and encourage you all to take this time to register to vote and raise your voice.”

“I’m so glad the album is bringing you some joy because that’s what I always wanted it to do. We’ll reschedule this very soon,” she continued.

Our news sources have reported that the tragic death of George Floyd was followed with outrage after a Minneapolis officer was captured kneeling on the unarmed black man’s neck in a video. As soon as the video went viral, the riots and protests were carried out in the city amid calls for the arrest and charging of the four officers involved in the fatal incident.

Following the incident, Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who was the one captured in the video was fired and was charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter on Friday afternoon.

Lady Gaga, known for composing Best Music (original tracks), participated in Radhika Jones’ Vanity Fair Oscar 2019 Party. The party took place in Beverly Hills, Californie, on 24 February 2019.

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