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Kylo Ren: Why Kylo Ren fictional character was created?


Kylo Ren is a fictitious character within the Star Wars franchise. Introduced within the 2015 movie star Wars: The Force Awakens, he’s portrayed by Adam Driver.

Adam Driver is an American actor who was born in California. Earlier he was known by his own role Adam Sackler of a comedy-drama Girls on HBO Network. He has nominated for Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series in the year 2013.

Here are some interesting quotes that were written by Adam Driver,

  • “In the military, you learn the essence of people. You see so many examples of self-sacrifice and moral courage. In the rest of your life, you don’t get that many opportunities to be sure of your friends.”
  • “The Marine Corps is some of the best acting training you could have. Having that responsibility for people’s lives, suddenly time becomes a really valuable commodity and you want to make the most of it. And for acting, you just have to do the work, just keep doing it.”

Some Brief about Kylo Ren’s Character

Kylo Ren is that the chosen name of Ben Solo,[a] the sole child of original Star Wars trilogy characters Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa. Though trained by his uncle Luke Skywalker as a Jedi, he was seduced to the dark side of the Force by Supreme Leader Snoke, and aspires to be as powerful as his grandfather, the Sith lord Darth Vader. Ren is eventually redeemed and helps Rey in her fight against her grandfather, the revived Emperor Palpatine.

Ren is additionally the master of the Knights of Ren, also as a commander and later the Supreme Leader of the primary Order, a corporation spawned from the previous Galactic Empire. He appears within the Force Awakens, The Last Jedi (2017), and therefore the Rise of Skywalker (2019), also as related media and merchandising. Driver’s performance received acclaim from critics and fans. For his performance within the Force Awakens, Driver won the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor, making him the primary Star Wars actor since Guinness to win the award.

Why Kylo Ren character was created?

Abrams requested that Ren’s mask be designed to be memorable to a toddler. As late as March 2014, the film’s main antagonist was only known to the assembly team as “Jedi Killer”, and had skilled numerous unapproved design attempts. an equivalent month, Glyn Dillon’s design for the character’s costume was finally approved. Consistent with Abrams, “the design was meant to be a nod to the Vader mask,” and concept designer Doug Chiang says that the character “takes on [the] persona of [Vader] to haunt Luke.” Consistent with The Force Awakens costumier Michael Kaplan,

“I don’t know if it had been the type of spaghetti type lines thereon or what. But subsequent time J.J. came by that was what we presented to him and he loved it. Also, the silver in those lines quite reflects and changes color with the action. You know, if he’s standing ahead of fireside you see that, so it almost brings you into the mask.”

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