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Kylie Jenner faces attack from animal rights activists

Kylie Jenner faces attack

Kylie Jenner is a famous model, influencer and entrepreneur. She is known for her famous show Keeping up with the Kardashians. We know the Kardashians are victims of rumors and other haters.  However, recently there has been many issues against her from the animal activists. Kylie Jenner has recently been in the limelight because of the attack she faced from few animal activists. The young model was getting out after shopping for Christmas when she was attacked by four protesters who stopped in front of her vehicle. She was on her way from Moncler in Bev Hills. She was referred to as a monster by them. They screamed things like “Shame on you” and “You are a monster”.

Her driver made an effort to start the vehicle and retreat but the protesters descended on the vehicle and made statements against her. Further, he managed to get the car out of there. Kylie did not make any effort to respond or react against them. She remained silent about this issue. However, this was not the first time Kylie has dealt with such an issue.

The first issue happened a week after she raised awareness against animal cruelty. A week later she posted a story of her new Louis Vitton slippers made of minx fur which caused an outrage among the animal cruelty protestors. She had to face many hateful comments and statements against this act. Kylie was criticised for not acting the way she preaches.

She has also been warned by PETA to have her products tested for cruelty free cosmetics. There has been many issues recently about animal cruelty in producing cosmetics and clothing. Many models are also guilty of this act like Kylie. Animals have been victim of many huge brands like Louis Vuitton and others for their fur.

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