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Kylie Jenner being slammed by the fans for photoshopping previous years pictures from Met gala

The 22-year-old billionaire Kylie Jenner once again gets trolled brutally by fans for posting her photoshopped Met Gala pictures of previous years. The followers got angry and called the makeup mogul out on social media. Recently, several photos of an American reality TV star and fashion designer’s pictures have been posted on Instagram, where it has been shown how the renowned television star photoshopped her Met Gala pictures.

According to the tradition of the event “fashion’s biggest night out,” the Met Gala is held usually on the first Monday in May every year, so it was celebrated on 4th May in this year 2020 and celebrities from around the globe were invited to celebrate and honor fashion at the Mets Museum in New York. But due to the fatal spread of COVID-19, this event has also been canceled, and many Hollywood stars were missing the sparkle of Met Gala. The celebrities missing the Met Gala 2020posted many pictures from 2019 Gala night on various social networking sites.

“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star Kylie Jenner also accepted the trend and posted her four of her favorite pictures of Met Gala from the previous year. But the fans are one step ahead of her, and they managed to find the errors which were made by Kylie in those pictures or video.
The photos which were shared by the founder of the cosmetic company “Kylie Cosmetics” on Instagram, Kylie Jenner, was seen posing with Donatella Versace. With minute details, she even photoshopped the designer’s photo as well. Besides that, Kylie Jenner photoshops her own photos from the Met Gala for extra enhanced cleavage, slimmer waists, and hands.

It is not the first time when Jenner is blamed for picture manipulation glitches; she has been triggered for posting the poorly edited picture on social media many times before.
On Tuesday, the makeup mogul also shared her bikini pictures in a pool, but our very clever eagle-eyed fans spotted the water around their knees in a distinctly unusual, which suggests it to be a cue for photo editing. When people started to nudge Jenner about it, so she took down the photos and edited them and then reposted them again.


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