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Kyle Chrisley : Did Tod Chrisley and his son reconcile with each oth

Kyle Chrisley net worth

Kyle Chrisley is the son of the well-known entrepreneur Todd Chrisley. You might have come across his son in the first season of the show Chrisley Knows Best which is about the wealthy Chrisley family. However, if you are unaware about this, there was an outbreak of news regarding the rivalry between the son and father. A series of problems caused him to be estranged from his family and separate ties with them. He is also a musician and reality television artist. However, the father-son duo is back. To know about what happened, continue reading this article.

Childhood and early life

Kyle was born on the 29th of August 1991 in Georgia, USA. His biological parents are Todd Chrisley and Teresa Terry. His education history is short as he got involved in substance abuse and other legal cases. However, he is a high school graduate. As he grew older he went to be part of the music industry. The young man didn’t grow up to be very successful due to his addictions and his bipolar disorder.

Personal Life and Career

His career is similar to his education. He was present in the music industry and has released some albums with his ex-girlfriend. However, due to his issues with substance abuse and bipolar disorder, he has been into deep trouble. This even led him to be estranged from his family. He had issues with his father. Recently, we saw this young man hospitalized after a suicide attempt where he had to face the effects of his medications. However, after dealing with his issues, he is now back with his family. He also has a daughter from his ex who is in the custody of Tod Chrisley.

He was in a relationship with Angela Victoria Johnson and has a daughter with her. Later, he got married to Alexus Whilby. However, he accused her of blackmailing her family for money and guessing the couple broke it off. Kyle Chrisley is single as of now considering the issues and is trying to reconcile with his father and siblings.

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What is the net worth of Kyle Chrisley?

His net worth is not very visible to the public as he keeps his sensitive information away from the media. However, we can estimate his net worth to be around $4 million.


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