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Kungfu panda 4 : is it on the cards?

Kungfu Panda is one of the most entertaining and potent creatures and undoubtedly one of the highest-rated video games at this time. It was initially originated in 2018, and since then, two more installments have been made. With a wide fan base, Kungfu panda 4 was highly anticipated by its followers since its last launch in 2016.

To the high hopes of its fans, the creators have confirmed the relaunch of the kungfu panda 4. Co-director Jennifer Yuh has opened up about the making of season 4. The team has also hinted at the possibility of Kungfu panda 5 and kungfu panda 6 as long as the franchise focusses on Po. The 4th season is very likely to be published by 2020, but the ongoing pandemic has inhibited the production. Late 2020 is the likely routine as of now.

Expected storyline

Fantasy production has not released any trailer for the new season. There has been no synopsis of the story. All we can speculate is an anthropomorphic monster villain to be back in this new version. Rumors about Po becoming more confident and courageous this season has been plaguing the internet. He will likely be projected a warrior this time. It is even natural to predict that Po will fight with Kai and will put a stop to the wrongdoings. Po will be further training four infant pandas in order to fight against wicked villains. The fluffy daring Panda is assumed to be seen this time with full comedy and ready to make fans laugh harder. The story is mostly presumed to be lingering around the lives and relationships of Po.


The franchise is best trying to take this show to new heights. It is expected that Jack Black will be back in the role of Po Ping and Dustin Hoffman as Master Shifu. Seth Rogen can be seen playing the debut of Mantis, Angelina Jolie as Tigress. Lucy Liu can be featuring as Viper and David Cross as Crane. Jackie chan is likely to be featured as Monkey, James Hoang, as Mr ping. Many new faces may be portrayed this time according to the need of the story. However, unless there is an official update, all news remain rumors.

Fans, let us wait for the panda series 4 soon.


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