Krogers holiday hours

Krogers: What is the holiday hours and deals for the store?

Krogers is one of the largest grocery retailers established in the United States. It provides products ranging from grocery items, pharmacy products and even jewellery. The store’s history goes a long way back to 1883. It was first established in Cincinnati, Ohio, the US by the founder Bernard Kroger. He started the first store with his life savings, keeping in mind a motto “Be particular. Never sell anything you would not want yourself.”

Christmas is only a few days away and with this pandemic, shopping is a huge concern for everyone. This article covers about the holiday hours of Krogers so that you can plan your shopping ahead.

Krogers holiday hours

The upcoming holiday is Christmas and Christmas shopping is a huge business. However, Krogers will remain closed during Christmas. The stores will be closed from 7:00 pm of Christmas Eve. Usually, the stores are open either 24 hrs or between 06:00 AM to 01:00 PM depending on the store locations. The store remains open for various other holidays like New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, Labour Day and even on Easter.

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What are the alternatives offered by the store?

The store is also following health guidelines due to the novel pandemic. Krogers was one of the first stores to provide rapid antibody tests for customers and associates. Moreover, proper sanitisation of products is done. Sanitizers and wipes are also made available in the store. To make shopping more convenient for the customers, the stores have arranged free pickup where the customers can shop online and pick up fresh products from the nearby store. The associates will bring the items to your car. Along with this, free delivery to your door and even shipping is provided. During this pandemic, shopping has become a problem for many, especially the senior citizens and those vulnerable to the disease. These alternatives have proved useful to them all.