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Kristen Stewart is gearing up for Charlie’s Angels

Some actors and actresses are going to be known by a unique role throughout their careers. Given that those roles and characters make them famous, it is hard to walk from their characterization of those roles. Kristen Stewart became extremely popular as Bella Swan from Twilight.

Ever since the Twilight Saga came to an end, Kristen Stewart is trying to walk away from the vampire image. For a very long time, Kristen Stewart has been staying away from big-budget movies. However, Kristen Stewart is all set to make her ultimate comeback with 2019 flick, Charlie’s Angels.

Kristen finally sets her feet in a big-budget movie

The fans of Kristen Stewart were immediately startled when they came to know that Bella is making her big comeback. The torturing Twilight Series came to an end in the year 2012. Soon, Kristen took a massive hiatus from big-budget movies.

Several reports said that Kristen Stewart wants to break free from media after her break up with Robert Pattinson. At the beginning of their careers, both Kristen and Robert made a spectacular start; however, things didn’t work out for them. At the time, the relationship came to an end, Stewart began to wrap up her life, and her life is private ever since.

Relationships and Betrayal are part and parcel of Kristen’s life

Back in the year 2012, Kristen cheats on Rupert Sanders, English director and later came into a relationship with Pattinson. However, the couple came back together briefly for a short time in the year 2013. Nevertheless, the relationship didn’t last, and Kristen was single, again!

In the year 2017, Kristen fell for Stella Maxwell, Victoria Secret’s model. Things were finally great for Kristen Stewart, but even her relationship with Maxwell came to an indefinite end after a couple of years. Now, Kristen is finally putting all of her focus on her work, and it begins with Charlie’s Angels 2019.

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