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Krafton reveals a list of known issues for the newly launched PUBG: New State

Krafton remarked that it had sufficiently tested before the official launch, as fresh complaints arose. Krafton, the South Korean company, said that it had thoroughly confirmed the game’s smooth functionality. PUBG: New State is now available on both iOS and Android operating systems through respective app stores.

For a bunch of Android phones, the recently launched game proved to be catastrophic. It has reportedly been bricking the phones once users have installed the game. The game was not as smooth as the devs had expected. PUBG: New State is taking longer loading time, and for various users, it was stuck at 38%.

Krafton has also acknowledged the list of known issues, and in an official reveal, it said that they are working on the problems. It has also prepared the list of glitches with the game’s recent version and potential fixes.

 Gameplay Related Issues

  • iOS users may face low-quality graphics when users already downloaded the game open an app through the personalized link. Users can fix this issue by restarting the application.
  • Players may face an issue that will prevent them from collecting various rewards (events, passes, missions, and more). They may not purchase Premium Pass Plus+ or encounter a delay when buying Crates with NC.
  • Users may encounter an issue when Recommended Server function fails to work as when they log in for the first time. They can solve it by selecting the server closest to their location in the Settings or Map Selection screen on entering the lobby.
  • Players may experience occasional flickering or abnormal colors while playing the games. Or the game may fail to start on certain Xiaomi smartphones. You can fix it by updating the operating system to its latest version. If the problem continues to persist, change graphics API to Open GL. Go to Settings -> Graphics -> Graphics API -> to Open GL for restarting the application.
  • Users may face issues where the quantity might get marked as (0) when they obtain a stack of items. It is a UI issue, and hence users will still receive the correct quantity.
  • Users may face issues due to which they may not hear any sounds when they land from high places.

Settings related issues

  • Users may encounter an issue in which the sensitivity may work differently compared to the actual set value. It can be corrected by resetting the sensitivity to Low/Medium/High.
  • Some buttons may also face issues where the user cannot select control settings on using the trunk button.

Lobby related issues

  • If there is a chatting system issue, users can restart the game to fix it.
  • On selecting a new party leader, the map selection setting may get reset. Users can fix it by rechecking the map selection on choosing the new leader.

These are the known issues that Krafton has listed for the newly launched PUBG: New State.

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