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Korg Solo Disney+ Series In Production? Rumors And Leaks Explained

Korg Solo Disney+ Series In Production?

Korg Solo Disney+ Series is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more. Read the full article to know the Release Date, character list, Leaks About the Korg Solo Disney+ Series.

Korg was first seen in the show ‘Thor: Love And Thunder. The show “Thor: Love and Thunder” is still considered to be one of the greatest projects of Taika Waititi. Starting from teenagers to adults, everyone just loved the show. The main reason why this show was actually loved was it’s two major sides. When one side was a complete action plot, the other side had an emotional plot. But now the production house is planning to make a solo show on Korg.

The role of Korg was played by the director Taika Waititi himself. The production house commented that the series won’t be too long but it will have an interesting plot. The production house feels that the character “Korg” is a very funny and joyful character with a unique style of talking. These unique features should be pointed out and hence the series should be made. The series “Thor: Love And Thunder” got released on July 08, 2022.

Actual News About The Upcoming Solo Show On Korg

Korg Solo Disney+ Series In Production?

Korg aka Taika Waititi was seen in both “Thor: Ragnarok” and “Thor: Love And Thunder”. In both shows, Korg has received immense love from the audience for both his characters. But now in a recent interview with Taika Waititi, he shared his plans with us. His thoughts say that he is planning to create a solo show on the two unique characters of “Thor”. The two-character include ‘Valkyrie’ and ‘Korg’.

Korg Disney+ series Expected Release Date

Korg Solo Disney+ Series In Production?

 Although the filming has not yet started. Taika Waititi reveals that he has just given a thought to this idea. He reveals that the production house of Disney + has not yet given any green signal. Also, the director himself is now concerned about “Thor: Love And Thunder”. He said that even if there are fifty-fifty chances of the solo show, he will think and talk to the higher authorities once the production house gives a green signal. Taika Waititi even said that he is still in a dilemma about this upcoming show as this show will be his third show. He first debuted in the show “Thor: Ragnarok” in 2017.

He reveals that since this is a very big step, the audience should have the patience to know the actual results. Sources tell us that the actual news won’t be coming up before 2023.

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