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Kodak Black Net Worth, Read About the Rappper’s Struggle with the Law

Kodak Black

Bill K.Kapri, better known as Kodak Black is an American Rapper famous for songs like Zeze, Tunnel Vision, Roll in Peace, and SKRT, apart from his various legal issues.

He was born on June 11 1997 and was raised by a single mother after his father abandoned him.

Bill got into dealing drugs at an early age and never excelled at school, in fact, he was also expelled from school after getting into a brawl.

Kodak Black’s current net worth is estimated to be $600 thousand as of 2020.


Kodak got into singing when he was just 12, joining a local group called Brutal Youngnz before joining another local group called The Kolyons.

Kodak Black had released his debut album Project Baby in 2013 which gained him considerable fame in the local nightclubs. He released two more albums the following year – Heart of the Projects and Institution.

His career breakthrough came when famous rapper Drake danced to his song SKRT in 2015, this led to the number of google searches for his song increasing considerably and skyrocketed Kodak to fame.

His fourth album, Lil B.I.G Pac was published by Atlanta Records and became his first album to hit the Billboard music charts.

In 2017, his single Tunnel Vision topped many American Music charts and even made it to number six on the Billboard’s Hot 100.

Kodak’s sequel to Project Baby has highly successful and made it to number 52 on the Hot 100.

Kodak Black ‘s Scuffle with the Law

Successful career aside, Kodak has charged with a number of convictions ranging from sexual assault, battery, possession of drugs to armed robbery, and kidnapping of a child.

Kodak has incorporated this dark side of his into his work, his songs reflect his pain and he even released some of his music from behind bars.

With a booming career in both crime as well as in music, it’s hard to verify where exactly the rapper’s money is coming from, only his accountant can do that. But that doesn’t mean that Kodak has had it easy or had overnight success, the rapper has got to where he is after facing a ton of hardships and practicing his art since a tender and young age.

What’s left to see now is if his career goes all downhill from here, or if it is just getting started.

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