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Kodak Black net worth: Here’s all about personal life and net worth

Kodak Black

Kodak Black net worth

It has been reported that Kodak Black was brought up in a very poor household. He has been through abject poverty. However, his intelligent wordplay and sheer talent has fetched him the attention of big bosses at Atlantic records. He has a net worth of $ 600,000 as in 2020

In a recent interview, black exclaimed that he has been born with nothing. He tried every means to bear his survival from rapping and trapping to scoping and poking to ensure his survival. He also informed that he switched his whole grind up from doing that, from scoping and poking to just getting in a booth.

Who is Kodak Black?

Kodak is an American rapper, singer, songwriter. He achieved his initial recognition with his single ‘ No Flockin’. His music mostly consists of all previous and future misdeeds. He also confirmed that he has been highly influenced by rappers like Boosie Badazz and Chief Keef. The new Yorker describes him as a youthful voice and mutinous sound. He is also known for mumble rapping.

The 23-year-old has been through a lot. In 2015, he has at least 10 run-ins with the law. The series of allegations against him comprises of marijuana raids to sexual assault. He is quick to own up his mistakes and remarked at the end,” it’s about bread”.The rapper has turned to law-breaking to sustain himself. Since his father was not in his life and his single mother could not sustain him alone. There where he decided to take up any job to earn.

Recent Prison update

Kodak Black has recently arrested in 2018 right before his show. As per reports, he is currently in Miami Prison. Rumours about the singer being mistreated have been recently in the news. Sources reveal that his lawyer is trying hard to free the Singer. We can expect him to be free soon.

Sources reveal that black has renewed his spiritual guidance while in jail by converting his religion. He now identifies himself by Bill Kahan Kapri and goes as a Hebrew Israelite.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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