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Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant ‘s Gravestones to Remain Unmarked

Kobe and Gianna Bryant

World-famous NBA star Kobe Bryant ’s death was among the first in the long list of tragedies that were to ensue this year. The legendary basketballer was involved in an accident in which the helicopter in which he was traveling with his daughter crashed with no survivors.

Kobe Bryant had spent his entire NBA career with the LA Lakers and has won five NBA titles with them. He was an undisputed legend of the game and was often compared to the likes of Michael Jordan. In fact, his influence was so vast that even video gamers used to say his name when their aim was on point. Therefore, his demise came as a horrible shock to many.

In order to prevent grieving fans from overwhelming their final resting place, Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna’s site of burial was kept private under instructions from Kobe’s wife Vanessa Bryant. In fact, both father and daughter were buried in a private funeral days before their public memorial so as to keep the site of their grave a secret.

Secret Location Hasn’t Stopped Fans From Looking

Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant are buried atop the Pacific View Memorial Park in Corona Del Mar that overlooks Newport Coast, which is where Kobe’s wife and three remaining daughters reside, apart from that no further information has been shared. This did not stop an individual from looking around. On March 15 earlier this year, the unnamed individual was arrested by the police for digging up a grave he thought belonged to Bryant. What led him to believe so were the purple and yellow flowers kept on the gravestone, purple and yellow being the colors of the LA Lakers, Bryant’s team. This was not the case, however, as the grave turned out to belong to someone who was buried way earlier in December last year.

The suspect was committed for vandalism at the Orange County Jail, and although has been bailed out, still faces trial.

The man apparently wore knee pads and climbed over a four-feet wall to make it to the site of the grave and used different tools to dig it up.
The staff at the cemetery immediately notified the police and they got to him before he could actually unearth the grave he thought was Bryant’s.

Why is the Site of Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant’s Burial a Secret?

According to reports, Kobe’s wife Vanessa Bryant did not want grieving fans to make a shrine out of her husband’s and daughter’s grave, and hence had the two secretly buried in a private funeral.

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