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Know about the Steven Assanti’s wife Stephanie Sanger

Steven Assanti is a reality Television star who is famous for his participation in TLC’s My 600-lb Life. When the show was filmed he weighed more than 730 lb and after the show, his weight increased to 750 lb. He eventually went through gastric bypass surgery. During the filming of the show, he was kicked out of the hospital for his aggressive behavior towards the hospital’s staff. His brother also took part in the same show. They both had a troubled childhood as they were raised by an alcoholic mother who got separated from their father.

Both Steven and his brother parted away after the show was over and since then Steven remained inactive in social media. His brother remained active on social media and opened his own business. In 2018 it was reported that Steven got married to a woman named Stephanie Sanger.

Now Lets Meet Stephanie Sanger (Steven Assanti Wife)

Stephanie born on September 27, 1977, in the Lowa United States. She is an Iowa based licensed massage therapist. She did her graduation from the College of Natural Health in Lowa and went to Hover High School.

She 1st saw Steven on the show. In her media interviews, she kept on saying that she fell in love with him while he was on the show and started thinking of him as a soulmate. They both 1st got connected on social media.  They connected through Facebook. Steven joined an online video chat where Stephanie was present and they both got connected instantaneously. In Houston, they 1st meet in person.

When the show ended, it was informed by Steven’s father that he is moving to Lowa to be with his girlfriend. As per sources close to them said his father was not sure about the relationship but they both got married later. Now they have a daughter.

Personally, she likes to keep herself away from the spotlight and she is not present in any kind of social media publically.

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