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Knightfall Season 3, what is the storyline , plot & renewal status of season?

Knightfall Season 3

Is this the end for the Knightfall? Will this TV show be canceled or renewed for its third installment on History? The tv vulture is following every latest recall and restoration report, hence, this page will keep track of the state of Knightfall – third segment.

The Knightfall fans and its viewers are eagerly looking forward to the yet added part, but we got a piece of unfortunate news for you, that is, This shows’ part 3 has been canceled. Yes, despite Knightfall having an interesting scheme depicting the fall of Knights Templar that’s led by King Philip IV of France.

About – Knightfall Season 3

It’s a History Middle Ages play. Knightfall narrates the tale of the Knights Templar. Mark Hamill will be the History play for both the parts, with Julian Ovenden, Tom Cullen, Ed Stoppard, Pádraic Delaney, Simon Merrells, and Jim Carter coming back.
Also, other new casts in the part season of Knightfall were – Tom Forbes, Genevieve Gaunt, and Clementine Nicholson. The show traverses the hidden world of the combatant monks. With the defeat of the Templar Order rising, the second part concentrates on themes including power, betrayal, family, revenge, and epic combat between state and church.

What is the renewal Status of Knightfall Season 3

Nevertheless, the viewership of this show was not healthy, and hence the renewal of Knightfall Season 3 of Knightfall had cancelled. The season concluded on vague ends, and the fans as well the audience desired to view more of the epic, but, there are quite a few possibilities of this to happen. The sad news remains that History has canceled the series officially.


The story goes like – The Knightfall Templars with a group of elite warriors. It addresses about brotherhood, loyalty, and faith among the warriors, which keeps them strong on the battleground. Also, it speaks the story behind the shocking Friday the 13th, which is specifically taken as an analog of bad luck.


The warriors will come collectively when the Holy Grail goes disappeared from the Holy Land. The Templars will be led by the courageous and noble Knight (Landry) to discover the Cup of Christ. He is the protagonist of the series. They were known initially as the hapless fellow-soldiers of Christ as they followed travelers reach the Holy Land. Later on, they became a more powerful military structure. The last season explained the conclusion of the Knight of Templars but not the conclusion of those soldiers.

Stay tuned!!

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