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Knightfall season 2: What to expect?

Knightfall is a historic drama television series with a wonderful storyline, specially designed for the History station. After being aired on the history channel for 2 seasons, the series is opened to streaming on Netflix.

The show was first run from December 2017, which brought rave views from the fans. The first season also received a 69% rating on rotten tomatoes. Eventually, a second season has been launched on 5th March 2019. However, season 2 has lost viewership by 50%, thereby placing in peril if season 3 would be renewed.

As per the information, any third round of the series has been called off in May 2020 but there is a mere chance that some other station may pick up the series right from where the history station has abandoned it.

Even if it is launched by other stations, Sources indicate that season 3 is bound to take longer.  The cast members needed to be protected first. Hence, Knightfall could wait till 2021 to start filming the show until totality passes away and media returns back to normal. In the most likely scenario, we can expect it to come up by mid-2021.

However, already a lot of anticipation has started jolting the crowds regarding what might happen in round three if at all the show is revived. Tom Cullen can be expected to be seen as Landry de Lauzon, Ed Stoppard as King Philip, Julian Ovenden as William De Nargaret, Simon Merell as Tancrede,  Tom Forbes as Prince Louise,  Sarah-Sophie Bousnina as Adelina, Padraic Delaney as Gawain, Mark Hamil as Talus to debut in the new season.

All we can presume is season 3 would focus attention on the pursuit of pope Clement primarily. The same teaser has been leaked by Tom Cullen who remarked that Templars might wish to take revenge on the pope as they feel cheated by his deeds and actions in season2, thus season 3 is likely to be a more fascinating plot if all it shows up.

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