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KK Slider: The most popular character of Animal Crossing

KK Slider is a fictional character of Animal Crossing the franchise whose real name is Totakeke Slider, but most commonly known as KK Slider. Ever since his debut in the Animal Crossing the franchise, he became one of the most popular characters of the game with appearing in every installment of the game. The character is based on a Nintendo video game and voice over actor, Kazumi Totaka, and this character is an animal caricature of Totaka.

The character of KK Slider play the role of a musician who performs live-in town for the town folks and purchasable in-game albums of the game, Animal Crossing. Outside the major game, Animal Crossing, KK Slider has also appeared in various other games such as SuperSmash Bros for Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Roles of KK Slider

The character of KK Slider was first introduces in Animal Crossing for Nintendo GameCube. His role in the game was to play music, perform for the town folks, and if requested he would give his song a virtual copy that can be played on the radio of the player. The role of KK Slider remains the same for almost every Animal Crossing  game, there was just a minor change in Animal Crossing:New Leaf where he was also a DJ. He has a similar role in City Folk as well as in Wild World.

He also appeared with a minor role in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, Amiibo Festival, Pocket Camp, and in a 2006 Japanese film titled,’Dobutso no Muri.” In the form of a hologram, KK Slider made a cameo in a concert in Japan called Splatoon, and appeared live for Nintendo Live in Tokyo.

KK Slider has an upcoming role in Animal Crossing: New Horizon. He will appear in the game only if the player have three stars rating on their island, and (after) than KK Slider will be available every Saturday and will play songs on request.

Kk slider

Personality of KK Slider

He is a hippie-style traveling musician which is certainly reflected in his songs and mellow speeches to the players. KK has a great passion to play for people, and he is available for shows every weekend.

Are you looking for a musical weekend? Don’t look further, KK Slider of Animal Crossing is here with his electrifying music to make your weekend perfect. Check his music on Animal Crossing now!

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