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Kissing Booth Season 3 soon to release

After a long wait, it has been confirmed that Kissing Booth Season 3 will be aired on Netflix. As per the sources, the third part of the popular teen romance franchise, “Kissing Booth” shoot has been done, but it will premiere in early 2021.

The delay in franchise release is assumed to be the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier it was planned to release on Netflix on July 26, 2020. However, now Netflix stream service announced on Sunday that the third part of “Kissing Booth” would be releasing in starting the year 2021.

Here’s the official tweet on Netflix official twitter handle

Cast of Kissing Booth Season 3:

There is no confirmed news about the cast and characters of this sequence, but we anticipate that cast will remain same that was appeared in the previous sequel and that was Joey King as Rochelle Elle Evans, Joel Courtney as Lee Flynn, Jacob Elordi as Noah Flynn, Meganne Young as Rachel, Stephen Jennings as Mike Evans, Carson White as Brad Evans, and Molly Ringwald as Sara Flynn.

Releases of previous parts

“Kissing Booth” season 1 was released in May 2018, and the season 2 was released in July 2020. Season 3 was also planned for release in July 2020 but failed to release due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Plot of the third sequel

“The Kissing Booth 3” occurs within the summer before Elle heads to college and will choose year 2 of the limits. After Section 2, Elle selects her boyfriend Noah within the brand new student Marco. Who yells once. During Part 2, Elle’s best friend Lee and her girlfriend, Rachel, are feeling variations in their relationship.

What is Kissing Booth?

“Kissing Booth” is an American teen romantic comedy movie. It is written and directed by Vince Marcelo, based on the novel written by Beth Reekie’s.

The Kissing Booth didn’t get an impression on the Audience but dubbed a commercial success by the service. The film received mostly negative reviews from the subscribers.

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