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Kingdom Season 3: When will it release? Find the updates here

The South Korean feudal zombie fantasy series, Kingdom, has not been updated for a third season yet. Kingdom is adapted from Kim Eun-hee and Yang, who has written The Kingdom of the Gods.

Kim Eun-hee and director Park had remarked in an interview that Kingdom is a series which has a great scope of development of plotline. Kim Eun-hee is more than eager to write down the further story for the series. She acknowledges that the cast and crew have great chemistry, and the story can be developed accordingly. If the viewers are interested, she is eager to love to see it develop even up to season 10.

Kim Eun-hee also discusses what role Jun Ji Hyun in the third season might play.

“I think Jun Ji Hyun will become a central role alongside the main characters from season one and two.”

The Kingdom, in its lead role, has Ji-Hoon Ju, Doona Bae, Kim Sungkyu, and Hye-Jun Kim. Premiering on Netflix, The Kingdom is the first original Korean series that has made it to this streaming platform. The show is set in Korea circa 1897. This show was made available for streaming on 25 January 2019.

Keep reading to know more about the cast, plot, and release date of season 3.

Kingdom Season 3: Who will be seen in the cast?

In the third season of the Korean Horror series, Kingdom, we expect to see

1)Ju Ji-hoon in the role of Crown Prince Lee Chang,

2)Ryu Seung-Yong in the role of Cho Hak-Ju,

3) Bae Doona in the role of Seo-bi and

4) Kim Sung-kyu in the role of Yeong-shin jein.

Kingdom Season 3: Plot details

The advent of the initial zombie outbreak had initially started seven years and three months ago, as per the events of the show. This will influence the major events that will happen ahead. The third season will also deal with Seo-bi’s story.

Seo bi tries to escape from the dynasty and takes the young child along with her to set on a different journey.

Kingdom Season 3: When is it expected to release?

Kingdom was first available on Netflix in January 2019; the second season followed its release a year later in March 2020.

The series has not been renewed yet, and we expect it to delay much longer than we had expected. We hope for its early renewal for the third season.

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