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Kinemaster Gold – Application Details and Information on How to Download

Gold Kinemaster

Looking for some additional attributes video editing apps for social media videos? Kinemaster Gold Apk is one of the most useful and powerful editing app, it provides you relaxing video editing mode. Sometimes you have to hire some video editing experts and buy some expensive apps to edit. This Android app provides you with many professional editing features for free. Provides crop, crop, fade, background, and many other free editing options. Despite having many free editing options, you can still perform proficient video editing. Some people cannot afford the monthly subscription fees for video editing. Also, some app developers modified this app into a modified version of the original Kinemaster app for Android users. Also, people can easily use the application and enjoy its features without subscription or monthly payment. What’s more, by using it, you can also make high-quality videos more interesting and attractive for Facebook, Instagram, tiktok and youtube. Just download and install it on your Android phone to enjoy its unlimited features.

FilenameKinemaster Gold Apk
File Size89 MB
Android Requests5.0 & Up
Total installs100M+
Download LinkKinemaster Gold 
OwnerKineMaster Corporation

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KineMaster Gold Apk is an application equipped with powerful video editing tools for Android users. With this in mind, you can easily use these tools to create great videos. You can also edit multi-layer videos, choose from various blending modes, adjust the voice, adjust the speed, create transitions, and more. In this way, you can make your smartphone the perfect video device. By recording and editing videos, you can also become a powerful content creator. As a video manager of a smartphone, this program is not suitable for specific requirements. Users can use KineMaster Gold to edit videos and clips without restrictions.

Requirements to Download and Use


What you need to use Kinemaster Gold Apk You don’t need to write a heavy Android version for this app. To use this application, you just need to solve the following requirements. You just need to install and download an Android device. Android version must be 4.1. If you are using USB storage content, please modify it first for ease of use. All bugs on your device have been fixed. You need to improve the performance of your computer and make it run smoothly.

What’s New in the Application

In its latest update, many content has been modified and configured to make it more comfortable for users. Here are some of the new things fixed in the recent update. Some customers complained that different tools and theme options were used in the app. They have all been set according to your complaints, all bugs have been fixed, its functions are smoother, work and performance have reached a significant level, and the quality of sound effects has been further improved.



This is the latest version, so some new features are introduced in this new update. So this is a new update, new features, bug fixes, new golden interface, 3D transition, new animation, no watermark, advanced features to unlock, new design timeline.

  1. No watermark: everyone wants the video to be free of logo. Basically, this super feature is available to them. No watermark was found on the edited video. 
  2. Gold Theme – KineMaster Gold app logo, UI, and all gold content have been used. This theme is different from all other modified versions of the original video editing app. For example, view themed photos from above. 
  3. Media browser: When browsing media, you can input green screen video (chroma key), normal video, movie to edit. Besides, you can also input images, stickers, emojis, songs, and video layers. 
  4. Asset Storage – A few days ago this new feature was added to the latest KineMaster Gold app. Get effects, transitions, stickers, animations, fancy fonts, audio, sound effects, etc. from the Asset Store. 
  5. Royalty-Free Music – There is a music store where you can find millions of royalty-free songs to use in videos. Copyright-free music will keep you away from Facebook or YouTube copyright warnings. 
  6. Aspect Ratio: Create video ratios of 3: 4, 4: 3, 4: 5, 2.35: 1 and 16: 9 (for YouTube videos) or whatever you like. You can also edit different video ratios for Facebook, Twitter or Instagram social media. 
  7. Export Video Quality: This KineMaster Gold editor allows users to export projects at speeds up to 4K and 60fps. Furthermore, the exported video can also use 360p, 720p, 1080p or any other high definition quality. 
  8. Bug Fixes – In the latest version, the developers of this app have fixed a lot of bugs. With the reverse video feature, you can create great clips such as ghost videos. Also, you will get many advanced features from the latest version of this application.
  9. Chroma Key –  This is one of the best features of this Premium version of KineMaster Gold. With the help of the chroma key, you can remove or change the background of the video by applying a green screen to the back of the shot location. This work can usually be done through professional PC software, but in this application, this application can provide this function for your smartphone.
  10. A large number of conversion functions are provided in the application, and you can apply them to the video during editing. These are 3D-based transitions, which means that you can use these 3D effects in your video. You can add multiple layers to the video. Like you can add images, overlays, videos, etc. Making a video by applying multiple layers can record audio from the application itself, without the need to record audio separately. Just record in the app and add audio to the video. You can easily add voice overs to video. 

Review of the Application

The number of YouTubers increases every day. However, not all YouTubers own a computer. It can be said that there are currently countless YouTube users for mobile devices. For example, I personally manage all my YouTube channel activities through my Android phone. Since I decided to pursue a career on YouTube, I have had problems related to video editing. Since I don’t have a Windows PC or Mac, I have to use my device to edit videos. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any powerful editor in the mobile apps category. When I was looking for a video editing app, a friend suggested that I use the KineMaster Gold app on my smartphone. This app can edit videos on phone and export project to 4K on internal storage device or SD card without watermark. The most interesting thing is that it gives a professional touch. At least I ask to try this KineMaster Gold on your phone.

Steps to Install Kinemaster Gold 

  1. After the download is complete, the next step is to install the application on your Android device. Installation is easy too. 
  2. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below to install it: first, go to the settings option on your Android phone; then activate the security option on your phone. 
  3. This option will allow you to install from third party sources. 
  4. Go to the device file explorer. 
  5. Now open the folder where you downloaded the application, click on the file to point to a page, then click the install button on that page and wait a few seconds for the installation to complete. 
  6. Once the installation is complete here, you can enjoy its features.


It is classified as mobile applications and accessories. All the features that this KineMaster Gold app will provide will have the same features as the premium version of the original app, but for this, you need to buy the professional version for only $ 4.99. If you don’t have money to buy right now, you can download the modified app from above. The old version is completely super safe and can be used legally.

If you use the latest version of KineMaster Gold, your device will not be affected by any viruses or malware. Even if 1 million people are using it now without experiencing any kind of problem, the KineMaster Gold app is a modified video editor and playback tool that can be used for the best video editing. Thousands of people use the original version of this video editing tool on their Android or iPhone devices. But in the main application, when editing and exporting the video, NexStreaming added a video with the watermark logo. This means that when someone views your edited video, they will easily understand what software you used to edit it. However, if you download the KineMaster Gold APK from below and edit it, the watermark will not appear on the video.


Q: What is KineMaster Gold? 

Ans- KineMaster Gold is the most popular and powerful editing application that has been used by many video editors. People basically use this app to make their videos more professional. 

Q: Does KineMasterGold not have a watermark feature available? 

Ans -Even if you use the non-watermark function, it will not be hidden. It will be completely free.

Q: Is this video editor fully unlocked?

Ans – KineMaster Gold pro is fully unlocked and you don’t need to purchase any paid items. You can use all the payment functions of your phone for free. 

Q: How to download KineMaster Gold for PC? 

Ans- The actual version of this application cannot be used on a Windows PC or Mac. However, if you use an Android emulator (BlueStacks / NoxPlayer), you can easily use it on your PC.

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