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Killing Stalking season 3 will not be releasing soon !

Killing Stalking is a South Korean manhwa written and illustrated by Koogi. It was published online by Lezhin Comics both in English and Korean. Till now the audience has seen two seasons with a total of 35 episodes. The series is quite popular among the audience and they want to see more from the series. As per the sources, the series is renewed for season 3.

Brief Details About Killing Stalking Season 3 –

There is no official announcement on the release date of season 3. The only update that is announced by the creators is that season 3 will not be releasing soon. Due to the current crisis, the production and shooting are in halt. Once the situation becomes favorable the work will resume.

As per sources, there was news that the series will be getting a 3DCG adaptation. But then this was not officially announced by the creators. This news was being circulated by some other sources. The audience will have to wait until the official announcement is made.

Not much information is available on the storyline of season 3. the creators have till now kept everything under wraps. To know more in details the audience will have to keep their patience until any update from the creators.

Brief Background Of Killing Stalking –

Yoon Bum a mentally ill young man with a difficult past is the main focus of the story. He became infatuated with Oh Sangwoo who is a friend when he was military. His friend saves him from a rape attempt. One day he decides to enter Sangwoo home when he is not there. As he enters the house he finds a tied up bruised up woman in the basement. Sangwoo discovers him later. He then finds out that Sangwoo is a serial killer. His ankles are broken by Sangwoo. Sangwoo put Yoon into a highly abusive and manipulative relationship until the end.

Yoon Bum, Oh Sangwoo, Yang Seungbae are the main character of the series.

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