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Killing Stalking manga will get an anime adaptation soon!

Killing Stalking

The South Korean manhwa, Killing Stalking which is written and illustrated by Koogi is being discussed for an anime adaptation. Published by Lezhin Comics, it is a psychological, horror, thriller drama series which won a grand sum at the Second Lezhin World Comics contest.

This manhwa (Korean version of the manga) was first published in 2016 and completed its final volume by 2019. Killing Stalking has collected a total of 4 volumes till present.

According to a recent news update about this manhwa, Killing Stalking will get a 3DCG adaptation.

What can we expect from the anime adaptation of Killing Stalking?

The manhwa, Killing Stalking follows the plot of Yoon Bum. He is a young, mentally ill man, and has a history of physical and sexual abuse. Oh, Sangwoo, who is his peer, saves Yoon Bum from committing rape, and from this point on, Yoon Bum becomes obsessed with Oh Sangwoo.

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After a series of events, Yoon Bum finds out the truth about Oh Sangwoo, who is a serial killer, and revels in the kidnapping, torturing and murdering. Oh Sangwoo breaks Yoon Bum’s legs and takes him hostage. They are involved in a sadistic and manipulative relationship with each other.

This is an incredibly dark manga series and a few of its dominant themes are quite disturbing. Graphic details of sexual abuse and torture make this series quite controversial and hence some of the fans are concerned about the anime adaptation.

But despite the dark undertones, this man who is quite popular among the fans. As of now the release date of the Killing Stalking manga adaptation is not confirmed.

What happens in the ending sequence of manhwa?

In the ending events of this manhwa, we see that the signal at the crosswalk turns red. This suggests that Bum dies moments after he rushes to chase Sangwoo.

But, whether Bum is really dead or not, it is still not known. However, the ending suggests that the vulnerabilities of Bum and his troublesome past has doomed him. So, if he is alive, he needs to set his grip on reality and change his paths to seek out a better path. Stay tuned with Tecake to know more about the upcoming details of the Killing Stalking anime adaptation.

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