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Killing stalking is all about- everything you want to know is here!

Killing stalking is a South Korea psychological horror, horror, and drama of manga which is illustrated written by Koogi and publicized by Lezhin. The makers are scheduling to start shooting an anime on Killing Stalking which is unconfirmed about the release date. 

What do you know about killing stalking?

The plot is all about Yoon Bum who is a young, mentally ill person with childhood trauma. After coming to befriend with oh Sangwoo in four years of college life and also enrolled in the exact military unit. One day oh sangwoo saved Bum in an uncertain dilemma where the military commander strives to rape him. The love broadened between Bum and Sangwoo and later came out into an obsession towards Sangwoo.

Bum planned to visit sangwoo’s house without his presence; to a shocking note, bum discovers a girl being there- tied up and beaten up to death wildly in sangwoo’s basement, which later bum discloses that sang woo is revealed to be a serial killer. After knowing the truth; sangwoo beats Bum like a wild animal, where he breaks his ankle and leaves him in a highly abusive state until the very end. 

There have been two seasons with 35 episodes, And the total collected volumes are 4 which runs from 2016 to 2019. 

The comics really earned a great appreciation from the readers which indicates the life of a young boy who has been going through a lot of difficulties in this grown-up world. 

Who are the characters and what are they up to?

Yoon Bum is a lifelong abused victim due to his uncle with the latter severely abusing, raping and starving him and also getting bullied in school and raped in the military and oh Sangwoo; his classmate abusing Bum in so many ways. 

At a young age, he loses his parents that caused him depression. One day; the only light which brightens his dark life is the love for Oh Sangwoo and slowly turns into obsession. 

Oh, Sangwoo is the primary Antagonist; his face is so happy, energetic and his smiling face attracts a lot of girls in the unit. He attracts many with his empathetic, considerate and gentle aura. But later seems to be a double face as the other one is a complete physical who kidnaps, rapes, abuse, tortures, and kills people without any mercy. 

Yang Seungbae is playing as a former investigator who investigates the case of Oh Sangwoo’s murders. 


Kim Seok-ho 

Min Ji Eum 

Yoon Jae. 

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