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Kevin Spacey is a free man after cases against him drop

The prosecutors finally decide to drop off the indecent assault cases, which made Kevin Spacey’s life miserable in the past couple of years. Some of the victims did also charge Kevin Spacey with battery case as well. 

According to the recent document which the prosecutors did file on Wednesday alongside the Nantucket District Court suggests the same. Kevin Spacey is one of the popular and Oscar-Winning actors in the world. Spacey, 59-year-old Academy Award winner, in the previous year got into a frenzy of accusations. According to the reports, Kevin Spacey groped a very young man at a bar and Massachusetts in 2016.

The case didn’t have a witness to proceed

Michael O’Keefe, the DA of Cape & Islands, citing that there is unavailability concerning the complaining witness. By the looks of it, this is the only reason why the case become abandoned. The news originates after a couple of weeks of the accuser dropping the civil lawsuit against the American Beauty actor.

The civil lawsuit also said that the incident did cause distress along with emotional injuries for the victims. Moreover, The Associated Press also noted that the court did dismiss the suit with utter prejudice. Additionally, this is the reason why the case cannot get into refiling ever again.

Is Kevin Spacey guilty?

Mitchell Garabedian, the lawyer of the accuser, said that the client and the family did showcase enormous courage. However, the odds were in their favour, and this is all the more reason why the accuser couldn’t win. On the other hand, the representatives of Kevin Spacey didn’t reach out to The Washington Post to make comments.

Kevin Spacey said that he had nothing to do with the young man. Spacey also did deny that he didn’t assault the young man the first time either. The incident gave rise to the first criminal charge and case against Kevin Spacey.

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