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Kanye West is all Content with wife Kim Kardashian, all Bucked Up to Release his Next Album

Kanye Omari west popularly known as Kanye West is an American rapper, record producer, and phenomenal fashion designer. He is also recognized with the name Yeezy. His budding professional life could not refrain him from being a remarkable politician. He currently belongs to the Republican political party of the United States. Bedore he gas also been an art of Independent political party and Birthday party.

His Monochrome With Wife Kim Kardashian:

It would be no wrong to say that months ago the photoshoot of Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian drove the internet nuts. The couple has already a big fan base who leave no stone unturned to shower their love and support to the couple. It was also heard that Kanye is willing to content in the US presidential elections and Kim tends to support him setting an example of an ideal wife.

The lyrics of “lost in the world” :

Kim Kardashian took to the internet to disclose the story behind the lyrics of the song “Lost in the world” that has been composed by Kanye. She stated that it came from a birthday card where Kanye wrote a poem for her when she turned 30. For your information, Kanye is going to be featured in the upcoming album song ” Whole Lotta Red”. Although there is still no confirmed release date he has given the clue to his fans that his album song is all ready to set their hearts on fire.

Things are absolutely fine between him and Kardashian:

Months back it was discovered that Kanye and Kardashian are not on so-good-terms and thus the couple decided to drift apart for some time. The Hip Hop star was seen hanging out and spending most of his time with his best friend Jack Dorsey, the Twitter CEO. However, things have now turned normal between the couple after they ent together on a vacation with their 4 children.


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