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Jumanji: The next Level – What was so new about it?

Jumanji 2 is the fourth instalment of the Jumanji franchise. The movie is the sequel to Jumanji 1 released in 2017. It is an American action adventure fantasy film which is directed by Jake Kasdan. Jumanji: the next level released in 2019. This movie received much positive feedbacks from the critics and it made a worldwide gross of $800.1 million. The film released under the Columbia Pictures level. In the next level the same group of teenagers with some newly added characters are there. They are trying to face new challenges in the previous and also new avatar.

What happens in Jumanji 2?

The plot of Jumanji 2 takes place after 3 years of Jumanji. The group spend a great adventurous time in the jungle in the first part. After spending such good times with each other, they are planning a get together. They are planning to reunite in the Christmas break. All of them Spencer, Anthony, Martha and Bethany are set to meet over Christmas. In the reunion day they find Spencer missing. When they reach his home, the Jumanji game draws all of them into it. Bethany stays out this time. Nigel who is the game’s guide informs them that Jumanji is suffering from drought. They need to find the necklace in order to go out of the game.

Then throughout the story they explore places in the game in search of the necklace. The movie goes in like the characters searching for the treasure. At the end they find the necklace and give it to Nigel so that he can safe. Milo does not come back to real world. He said he would protect the land. All the characters come back to the real world and lead on their normal life.

Who made up the Jumanji more interesting?

The extensive cast and crewmates of the movie made it more charming. The chosen actors played their role perfectly.

  • Dwayne Johnson plays the role of Dr. Xander “Smolder” Bravestone, who is Eddie’s avatar; later he becomes Spencer’s avatar. He also portrays Bravestone’s father in the movie in a flashback.
  • Jack Black takes up the character of Professor Sheldon “Shelly” Oberon, who is Fridge’s avatar, and then Martha’s, Fridge’s again, and then of Bethany’s.
  • Kevin Hart plays the character of Franklin “Mouse” Finbar, who is Milo’s avatar; he later becomes Fridge’s avatar.
  • Karen Gillan is the Ruby Roundhouse who is Martha’s avatar, later becomes Fridge’s avatar, and then becomes Martha’s again.
  • Awkwafina plays as Ming Fleetfoot who is Spencer’s avatar and later becomes Eddie’s.


How was the movie accepted among the audience?

The movie received much positive feedbacks from the critics. It made a collection of $800 million all over the world. The IMDb rating for the movie is 6.9/10. The average rating given by Rotten tomatoes is 76%.  Critics said that it kept the track fresh as of its prequel. The extra added elements in the movie made things playable. Certain things are very fresh in the movie which is appreciated by the audience.

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