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Julian Kudrow, Lisa Kudrow’s son is not her fan

Lisa Kudrow, who is most popular for playing the role of Phoebe Buffay in the hit American Sitcom television series FRIENDS, reportedly revealed that her son Julian is not a fan of her as an actress. While Lisa has a massive fan following and has been admired by millions of people as Phoebe, from the past few years, renowned actress Lisa Kudrow has worked with many projects leaving remarkable impacts on viewers’ minds from her work in FRIENDS.
The character of Phoebe, which was played by Lisa, was pretty much unique, and hence people seemed to instantly like her character. However, Lisa’s son Julian is not a fan of her mom’s work on the American sitcom television series FRIENDS.

There are some reports which confirm that the famous actress Lisa revealed that she has very good bonding with her beloved son Julian, but she does not discuss her work on FRIENDS in particular with her son.

Apart from that, Lisa stated that her son Julian shows his interest in her other project rather than FRIENDS, but she does not have any problem; in fact, she is okay with that.
Besides that, Lisa Kudrow also revealed that she never mind it, whether her son is not a fan of her work on FRIENDS, and she also added that she really does not want that her son would do so forcefully. In addition to this, the gorgeous actress also disclosed that she is pretty much excited to know the general interest of her son in terms of parental stuff.
As per the report of the news website, Lisa maintained the fact that she would like to explore those aspects rather than her work in general.

Our beautiful actress also said that she is really lucky to have such a son and he is really the best thing that happened to her. She says that the mother and son talk about relationships and girls and maintains a free and enjoyable environment at home. She mocks that she doesn’t even know sometimes what she is talking about.

If we are talking about Lisa’s work front, she was last seen on Space Force with Michael Scott. Her character has developed a mysterious aura among the show fans.

Apart from that, fans of FRIENDS have eagerly been waiting for the news on the much-awaited FRIENDS, Reunion special. Still, there is no news from the makers regarding this. But, the show still has a green light. In the meantime, FRIENDS came to HBO Max from Netflix.

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