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Jorge Nava all Bolstered to Parten Ways with Russian Wife Anfisa Arkhipchenko

90 Day Fiance: Season 4 couple, Jorge and Anfisa

90 Day Fiance is an American reality show that is known for couples living together and preparing for marriage while the intense drama goes on side by side. The show started back in 2014 and undoubtedly gained popularity in no time with its spectacular plots and mystifying circumstances with the blend of a great deal of drama. The show is premiered on TLC and is renewed for its 7nth season this time.

What Happens to Jorge and Anfisa of Season 4?

The lovers of the show are no stranger to the fourth season that featured Jorge Nava and Anfisa Arkhipchenko. To elaborate on the background of the two, Jorge is a Californian while her girlfriend Anfisa was a Russian. They too met on this famous social media app that is known for creating love buds more than anything. After having met on Facebook they decided to meet while their parents were not at all supportive of it.

Their story is known to revolve all-around drugs, drama, and money. Anfisa, thinking that her boyfriend is super-rich was all set to marry him. Later when she discovered the lie, she was tagged as a gold digger for wanting the Californian green card. They tied a knot on August 1, 2017.

Jorge Vows to Divorce Anfisa after his Release from Prison:

After serving his sentence in prison for the consumption of drugs, Jorge is all bucked up to divorce his Russian wife. He claimed that she was happily enjoying with another man while he was serving his sentence. Jorge’s health is also known to have deteriorated in the prison and he reportedly has shed 128 pounds. Now his hard time is over and he is soon to be all fit and healthy while leaving his ugly life behind.

Jorge and Anfisa to divorce each other

Jorge Accused of Unscrupulousness by a lady:

Anfisa, his divorced wife claimed that the lady on social media has been annoying her stating that she is the child bearer of Jorge. Anfisa said that the lady claims Jorge to be her child’s father to which Jorge has completely denied. Jorge and Anfisa do not have a child together and thus the divorce case was swiftly filed by Jorge in Arizona. The reality show couple saw their marriage coming to end after being 3 years in an abusive relationship. Anyways their relationship status is still not going to affect the show’s popularity, the show is again featuring its 7nth season with the same rage and thrill.


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