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Joker 2, The most popular antagonist is back again?

Joker 2: The last Joker movie ended by keeping the fans on their toes expecting a sequel to it. However, when the movie was released director Todd Philips expressed his disinterest in releasing a second part to the movie. He described sequels as boring. After the movie became a box office hit, he probably has a change of mind.

Hence, There is no official confirmation on the sequel but with the movie reaching $1 billion and winning two Oscars, the chances have only increased. If a second part to the movie, i.e., Joker 2, is going to be released, it is expected by the end of 2021.

The first movie released on August 31, 2019. Todd Philips and Scott Silver are the creators of this splendid plot. The original language of the movie is English. The movie is based on characters from DC Comics.


The movie is set in 1981. It portrays the life of Arthur Fleck, who is an aspiring stand up comedian. He has mental issues where he laughs uncontrollably in serious situations. Along with this he went through a lot of trauma where he was mocked by his idol, he found out the truth that he was adopted, and he was also beaten up by people. All of this led to him starting a killing spree. The movie reveals Bruce Wayne and Joker to be half-brothers.

When he is called for an interview by his idol Murray, he says morbid jokes and confesses his murders and when Murray threatens him, he kills him to. He is then arrested and on the way the police car crashes with an ambulance driven by rioters who killed Bruce’s parents. Joker escapes from the police car. The movie ends by showing Arthur in Arkham mental hospital running through the corridor leaving behind a trail of blood.

The sequel if released is expected to continue the story from here. There are also speculations of Batman playing a role as it is revealed they are related. The movie might also be related to the new Batman movie. For one thing is sure, Joker is back to his evil ways.

Joker Cast and characters

Joaquin Phoenix with his exceptional acting in the first movie is expected to be back once again although we cannot confirm anything as of know. Along with that Frances Conroy as Sophie Dumond, Costs Camp as Investigator Burke, Glenn Fleshler as Detective Garrity, Jodh Pais as Garry, Rocco Luna as Hoyt Vaughn, Marc Maron as GiGi Dumond and Sondra James as Gufland.

Joker 2

Although there is no official news about a sequel for Joker, it can be expected with the huge success of the first movie. The directors are discussing on this matter and will soon reach a conclusion. There are also rumors that the writing is happening for the new movie. There is still some hope for the fans who are eagerly waiting for the movie to come out.

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