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Joker 2 is confirmed!! Will Joaquin Phoenix return in the upcoming sequel?

The Joker movie became the talk of the town soon after its release and got praise from critics. The Joker shattered many records at the box office as it collected over 1 billion dollars, making it the highest grossing R-rated film in history. No, one can deny the windfall success of Joker and Joaquin Phoenix won the Academy Award for playing the role of Joker.

Joker movie was very profitable for WB as it only cost $60 million to make. Considering the business, WB is all set to release the sequel of the movie in the hope of making more money and giving fans a few more moments of jaw-dropping entertainment.

If reports are to believed true and Joker 2 is in works at Warner Bros and they are in talks with Todd Phillips to direct the movie. After the award-winning acting of Joaquin Phoenix, fans would definitely love to see him play the role of Joker in the sequel. Here’s a good, as reports suggest WB will go with Phoenix for the upcoming sequel.

It is still unclear how Phillips’s involvement with Joker franchise will affect the upcoming movie as he wanted to portray Joker as a villain in the first movie. However, it seems people liked the idea of mentally abused kid better.

It sounds like he may have pitched that idea once more in the wake of Joker’s success, and it’ll be interesting to see if WB does create this umbrella under which R-rated, one-off (or maybe not…) takes on iconic characters can be crafted by ambitious filmmakers.

As of now, it is not clear when Joker 2 will go into production and when will it release as there is no official statement from WB. However, insider reports suggest that Joker 2 might hit theatres somewhere around October 2021.

In the first movie, Joker did everything on his own, however, it is believed that in upcoming he will hire people and make a gang to conduct his mischievous tasks. It will be interesting to see how carries out his plan and creates havoc in the city of Gotham.

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