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Joker 2 is all set to hit on the screen very soon!

Joker received a huge success and it was the 6th highest-grossing film of 2019.  Overlooking the response of the viewer’s Warner Bros delighted the fans by renewing the film for Joker 2. In November 2019 creators confirmed that the Joker sequel or Joker 2 is officially happening. Warner Bros is in discussion with Todd Phillips to direct the film. Continue reading to know more about this film.

When will Joker 2 hit the screen?

The audience cannot expect a major development in Joker 2 as everything is in halt due to the global pandemic. Initially, the film was planned for only one part as per reports. But now it’s being converted into sequels.  No official dates of release have been announced as yet.

What would be the storyline of Joker 2?

The director of the Joker said in an interview “most films are in the dust, but this one is about gunpowder.” He clearly stated that lightning and the theme have to be the same as before so that the result remains the same. The storyline is still under wraps. Not many details are revealed as its in the initial stage of development. As per media sources, the script work is underway.

Who can be seen in Joker 2?

The creators are in talks with Joaquin Phoenix for Joker 2 and he is being offered a huge sum for his return as per sources. Even Joaquin is eager to return back. Not many details are available related to the cast other than this. The audience will have to wait for further announcements.

What is the brief history of Joker?

Arthur Fleck a failed comedian is forever alone in the crowd. As he walks in the Gotham City he seeks connection. He wears two masks. One he paints and wears as a clown. He works in the day as a clown. Another one in a futile attempt to feel like he’s part of the world around him. He is disregarded, bullied, and isolated by society. Later he transforms into a criminal mastermind.

The main cast – Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, Frances Conroy, Brett Cullen.

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