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Joker 2 – Everything You Need To Know!

Todd Phillips’ Joker, has left a profound impression on all the fans. Premiered on August 31, 2019, Joker turned out to be one of the best psychological-thriller of 2019, slipping 101 prestigious awards under its name. It was critically acclaimed and was extremely appreciated by the audience all over the world. After getting so many favorable reviews, it was soon announced to everyone’s surprise that DC is soon coming up with Joker 2, that would be the continuation of Arthur’s story and transformation.

The story follows the whereabouts of a lonely, failed comedian who wants acceptance and connection around him. After being bullied on a daily basis and disregarded by the society, he steps into the world of madness and crime. He slowly transforms into the biggest criminal mastermind of history, known as Joker. The upcoming movie shall be picking up from where it left off in the first solo film and undoubtedly, Joaquin Phoenix shall be resuming his character as Joker.

Is There A Release Date For The Upcoming Sequel?

Nothing has been confirmed regarding the release date of the upcoming movie of the Batman saga. Although it would be a completely independent film which would be similar to the first part of the series. It is not yet evident whether Joker shall be in anyway connected to The Batman, that is supposed to release in October 2021, with Robert Pattinson in the lead.

It was earlier speculated by some of the sources that Joker 2 would be dropping sometime in late 2021. But given the recent pandemic situation, there are chances that the release date would be delayed for some more time, that is 2022. All releases and productions were put on hold since March 2020, after COVID-19, spread around the world like a wildfire. The production of the franchise has not begun yet, and so there are fair chances that it would be beginning from the end of this year, that is in December 2020. And if that happens then one can expect the movie to get released in early 2021 in the theaters.

Has The Official Trailer Of Joker 2 Been Out By DC Franchise?

No trailers have been released by DC or any other official sources. In order to get hold of the trailer, we have to wait until 2021, for the production process to comes to an end. The trailer shall be released a month or two prior to the premiere of the movie itself. So until we get hold of further more updates, stay tuned!

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