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Johnny Depp To Not Join The Next ‘Pirates Of Caribbean 6’ Movie?

Pirates of the Caribbean Season 6

It has been confirmed that there will indeed be a sixth installment to the famous, pirate franchise, ‘Pirates of Caribbean,’ however, there are reports that suggest that Johnny Depp may not be retained as a part of the movie. The upcoming film is reportedly being written by Jeff Nathans and Terry Rossio. The pre-production of the upcoming film has already reportedly begun and the movie is expected to release sometime in 2021. Although, a formal date has not been announced.

The previous five parts of the franchise have been directed by Jerry Bruckheimer with Johnny Depp as the lead. Contrary to the popular opinions, there might be a female lead pirate who will be replacing Jack Sparrow’s shoes for the next part. Depp has been playing the character of Johnny Depp since 2003. It is about time that others be given an opportunity to showcase what they have on screen. Fans have also been reported to have been of the popular opinion that Johnny Depp must be replaced. In fact, a petition was launched on ‘Change.org’ website, wherein Disney was being advocated to change the lead. At the same time, there were many other fans who were in the support of bringing Depp back to his main elements as Johnny Depp in the film. The latter petition has received nearly 185,000 signatures.

There are always controversies and fan theories that surround the release of any film. It has long been speculated that ‘Pirates of Caribbean’ will be created without the presence of Johnny Depp. However, none of this has actually been confirmed. A report earlier last month published by ‘We Got This Covered’ website suggested that Disney officials were actually lobbying for the actor’s return to the franchise. This took place during the time when Depp was facing the legal battle with his ex-wife, Amber Heard. At the time, Depp received a lot of sympathies after the telephonic conversation confirming domestic abuse surfaced online.

At the moment, Disney is busy with the production of multiple sequels. The line-up includes ‘Aladdin,’ as well. Apart from this, other actors who are expected to return to the franchise include Keira Knigtely and Orlando Bloom. We are not sure of the storyline of the upcoming film. As can be recalled, the last film ended with Captain Blackbeard and his demise. The previous film also featured Penelope Cruz as Jack Sparrow’s potential love interest but not much came out of it.

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