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Joe Exotic Net Worth, Why Joe is titled as the tiger king?

Joe Exotic

Introduction of Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage:

Joseph Allen Maldonado Passage is an American Former zoo operator of Greater Wynnewood also known as Tiger king and sentenced as a criminal of Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. Joe was a police officer, serving as the chief of police in Eastvale Texas. On his life story; an American True crime documentary miniseries which was released on 12th April 2020 on Netflix. Joe Exotic net worth is rated around $10 to $15 million; where Joe operates a YouTube channel that has 70.4k subscribers with a massive pen name in Animal rescue for better or worse. 

The early life of Joe Exotic:

Joe exotic was born on 5th March 1963 in Garden City, Kansas. Joe went through a real trauma in his childhood; where Joe was 5 years old and got molested and abused by an older boy. Joe moved with his family to Texas where Joe joined the police and became a chief officer. Joe was unfavorable in trying for Public officials in The president of the United States of America in 2017 as an independent campaign and also stood up for the Governor of Oklahoma in 2018 as a Libertarian. To a surprising note; Joe was an aspiring singer where his first song “Here Kitty Kitty” was released which was written against Carole Baskin. In 2019; Joe was convicted of brutally killing animals on 17 Federal charges. 

How did Joe Exotic become the tiger king and what happened to him? 

In 1997; Joe and his brother Garold in Arlington, Texas began a pet store. Joe was very quiet and cool when repeatedly hung a pride flag in the store window after authority allegations. After his brother died; Joe acquired a farm 55 acre in Oklahoma which was later named as Garold Wayne Exotic Animal Memorial Park on behalf of his brother’s death. Joe and his worker committed to killing Emus with shotguns and accused of animal cruelty by police. In 2000; Joe adopted two abandoned tigers, to nourish them Joe shot the horses which were donated to him. 

Joe was arrested on 7th September 2018 for planning a murder plan to kill Big cat rescue CEO Carole Baskin as she filled an appeal against him as Joe was using Clubs in his shows; later Joe condemned his guilt on two counts of plotting to Kill Carole Baskin. After the speedy trial, Joe was sent to 22 years in Imprisonment on 22nd January 2019. In March 2020; he filed a lawsuit against US Fish and Wildlife and other Legal officials, later five months Joe withdrew it.

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