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Joe Exotic hoping for his early release from the prison !

Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage better is known by his stage name Joe Exotic. He is an American former zoo operator and convicted felon.  He was born in Garden City Kansas on March 5, 1963. He is the former operator and owner of the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. He had the most prolific breeder of tigers in the United States. Initially, he worked as a police offer. Joe is claimed to be married 5 times but out of which two of his marriages are only legal.

Latest News On Joe Exotic –

Joe Exotic was convicted by a jury for 17 counts of exotic-animal abuse and two counts of murder for hire. He killed 5 tigers as well. All this was reported by NEW YORK Magazine during March 2019 criminal trial. The authorities have also claimed that he tried to bribe an FBI agent so that he could murder his business rival Carole Baskin in December 2017.

Joe is currently seeking from the US Fish and Wildlife Service a combined $94 million. He is asking President Trump to pardon his conviction for violating the Endangered Species Act and planning a murder-for-hire plot on a rival.

Joe believes that Trump will pardon him and not put him in a 22-year prison sentence. In January 2020 he was sentenced to jail for 22 years.  FMC Forth prison he is currently serving his sentence. He is supposed to be released in 2037. Until now Joe’s lawyer is trying to connect with the official n Washington DC in connection with arranging a pardon. His lawyer in an interview said he is already preparing his mind to return home from prison.

In September 2020 Joe wrote a letter to Trump asking the President for a pardon. He referred to Trump to be his hero in the letter. He requested the President to grant him a miracle.  The handwritten letter was submitted to the US Department of Justice along with a 257-page report requesting a presidential pardon.




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