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Joaquin Phoenix: What is his net worth after Joker?

Joaquin Rafael Phoenix is an American actor, environmentalist, animal rights activist and producer. He got many awards which include an Academy Award, Grammy Award and two of the Golden Globe Awards. Joaquin started acting in Television with his sister Summer and brother River right from his childhood. He got his first big role in the film SpaceCamp which was released in 1986.

He got a positive response with his films ‘To Die For’ and ‘Quills’. Phoenix was also interested in making music videos and producing films and TV series. He is one of the directors of The Lunchbox Fund, a non-profit organization that provides meals to school students in South Africa. He has been a vegan since he was three and now is in the defense of animals.

Joaquin Phoenix Early Life

Joaquin Phoenix was born on October 28, 1974, in the Río Piedras district of San Juan. He has 5 siblings, River, Rain, Liberty, and Summer. He also has a step-sister named Jodean from his father’s previous relationship. His father John Lee Bottom was from California and mother Arlyn was from New York City. They got married in 1969.

They changed their last name to Phoenix, after the mythical bird which rises from it’s own ash, meaning that they could start a new life. Phoenix called himself “Leaf” as he wanted to have a nature-related name like his siblings.


For financial support and food, the children performed at many talent contests, singing and playing instruments. They got recognized by a children’s agent named Iris Burton. Joaquin made his first debut at the age of eight with his brother in the TV series “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”. His first theatrical film debut was “SpaceCamp”.

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Net worth

In recent years, Phoenix has acted in movies like Her and Inherent Vice. His salary has been different throughout his career. Phoenix approximately earned $375,000 for Quills which had released in the 2000s but got $3.5 million for the film Walk the Line. Gladiator used to be Phoenix’s highest-hit movie, but his salary for that movie is unknown. Joker hit a record with $13.3 million in October and got the biggest October releasing of all-time, as it has released in over 4,300 locations. Joker made over $1 billion at the box office worldwide.

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