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Jessie Cave, an actor from Harry Potter, is expecting their third child

Actor Jessie Cave, who is famous for playing the role of Lavender Brown, in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, is expecting her third child with her beloved boyfriend, Alfie Brown.

Our 33-year-old actor revealed about her third pregnancy on her Instagram account; she has delighted her fans with the news by flaunting baby bump through a post on Instagram.
She shared a picture on her social media account and captioned it, “Oops I did it again”.

Apart from that, her comedian and musician boyfriend Alfie Brown also shared about their forthcoming child through an Instagram post. He shared a lovely baby scan and feet of the other children of the couple; he captioned it that “I’m very happy to announce my forthcoming vasectomy.”

At the beginning of this year, our beloved couple has rekindled their relationship after living apart for about three years. The famous couple is already sharing one daughter and one son whose names are Margot and Donnie, respectively.

In the latest, Harry Potter star, Jessie Cave, revealed about her relationship with musician Alfie Brown, she opened up that their relationship began after they came in contact with at functions, and later, their relationship was culminated with a one-night stand, when she became pregnant with Donnie.

And, when she shared the news of her pregnancy with Alfie, then, they both decided to navigate their relationship. There are also some reports which suggest that the famous actress further mentioned that, it feels great to have someone special around her four months after the one nightstand. They both wore a tee and considered it special, and the tee felt big to her. She exclaimed with joy and amazement that her boyfriend felt really excited about the baby and has also prepared a monologue on what kind of father he would be Within the next 2 years, Jessie gave borne their second child.

Apart from that, Great Expectations star also revealed that “Even though our son is five, and our daughter almost four, I think of our relationship as relatively new. And then she further added that “they have spent a great time together with a child in their arms or their bed, less time alone as a couple.

And, Jessie Cave also said that “First time in the Lockdown, they have spent a long time together as a family an apparently normal family” and then she continued that ‘It feels otherworldly to me sometimes’.

In May, Cave’s “Harry Potter” on-screen boyfriend Rupert Grint also welcomed his first child, a daughter, with his longtime girlfriend, and Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging star, Georgia Groome.

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