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Jessica Simpson and Tony Moro: Why did they part ways in past?

Jessica Simpson and Tony Moro’s couple allegedly broke up in the year 2009. They were dating since 2007. The couple became a talk in the media when Tony Romo dumped Jessica before the night of her 29th birthday. Tony seems to have parted ways with his girlfriend when he found Jessica being in touch with her past beau Mayer. After many years of their breakup, even now when she was asked about it, Jessica seemed to be quite off.

Jessica Simpson, the American singer and actress, later a made author came to the limelight with her music. She debuted with her music album in the year 1999, which became very popular. With time she went up the ladder of success with her music. Jessica in her earlier days came to talks for her marriage with Nick, which reportedly ended in 2005.

Tony Romo who played in NFL for 14 seasons with Dallas Cowboys is a former football quarterback.  He played for several years. He retired in the year 2016. When it comes to records, he has a lot of them for Cowboys.

What made the couple Jessica Simpson and Tony Moro to break up?

The couple Jessica Simpson and Tony Moro reportedly started dating in the year 2007. Though they were not in much light of media during their times together, they were more post that. It was 2009 when the couple out of blue got separated. The day before Jessica’s 29th birthday, Tony ended their relationship. The reason flashing in media has always been the same.

Jessica now in recent times came up with this topic again. She in her own written book has exposed the truth about their separation. In Open Book Jessica jotted that Tony ended their 2 years relationship with just an email. The main reason of the breakup was reportedly by John Mayer. Romo allegedly got to know about a meeting between Jessica and Mayer. This being the reason he took such a decision. She writes that Tony did not really believe the news for a second, but the very next second he took such a drastic decision and parted ways.

What did happen next?

According to sources, Tony gradually realized that Simpson was telling the truth and he did not believe her. The couple, Jessica Simpson and Tony Moro later cleared the things but they did not reconcile anymore. Though everyone was hopeful of they coming back that did not happen lately.

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How were the book and revelations accepted?

In February 2020, Jessica released her book named “Open book”. She did many revelations about her past life. It was then the topic of Tony and her separation came up. She confessed many things in the book and is still off about that incident. Her ex-husband remarked on it saying “I don’t know what she has revealed but whatever she does is happy with that.

Later in the year 2011, Tony got married to Candice Crawford and they have 3 children now. The breakup was very ugly and it was why it caught the attention of all. Nut after the book and Jessica’s book it got exposure.

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