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Jerry Krause the Great NBA Scout and his Net Worth

Jerry Krause net worth

Jerry Krause was the man behind the success of the legendary NBA team Chicago Bulls. He was the general manager of the Bulls for 18 seasons and helped them win six championships.

Early Life

Jerome Richard Krause was born on 6 April, 1939 in Chicago, Illinois. He played basketball at Taft High School in Chicago and attended Bradley University. After college he stated working as a scout for Baltimore Bullets. After few years he worked with Phoenix Suns, Philadelphia 76ers, LA Lakers. He also worked as a baseball scout. After Baltimore, he started working for Bulls in 1970s. He started as General Manager for Chicago Bulls in the 1985 NBA season which was led by the great Michael Jordan. There were quite a few times when Krause was criticized by Jordan for some picks that he made in the drafts and for that instance also when Krause traded Bill Cartwright who was Jordan’s best friend in the team despite Jordan’s strong objection.

Achievements Of Jerry Krause

As General Manager, Krause won NBA champion 6 times in 1991-93, 1996-98 and NBA executive of the year 2 times in 1988, 1996.

Later Years

In 2003 Jerry resigned as the general manager because of some physical problems he encountered in the past years. After his resignation the time suffered the next season and fell to 23-58. Krause than worked for a short period of time for New York Yankees as a scout and then joined New York Mets in 2005. On 21 March, 2017 he died at the age of 77 because of osteomyelitis which is a bone related infection.

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Net worth of Jerry Krause

When Jerry Krause was at his peak time he was greatly accomplished sportsman. After his death, in 2017 he was also inducted in Basketball Hall of Fame. His net worth was in millions but there isn’t any particular amount stated anywhere. He will always be remembered by the Chicago Bulls’ fans as the greatest scout their team ever had.


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